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Learn or improve your French with us! Enjoy personalized, engaging, and immersive lessons tailored to your goals.

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Achieve your goals with a customized program that our certified teachers will build just for you. Receive ongoing feedback and motivation for the optimal learning experience!

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Enjoy our variety of digital tools, immersive cultural podcasts and follow our advice to create your own French routine. Your French Time is not only lesson time!

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Let us provide you with flexible, structured learning in a supportive environment that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

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You will study everything from scratch, how to read, how to pronounce, how to build simple sentences to survive in a French speaking country.

You will study everyday expressions, essential grammar points and improve your pronunciation to be able to interact in a very basic way with French speakers.

You will study frequently used expressions and easy grammar patterns so that you can converse in simple language and understand most routine topics in a French speaking country.

You will increase your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar knowledge to be able to deal with most everyday situations and discussions in French.

You will learn advanced expressions and grammar structures so that you can interact fluently with most French native speakers and understand various real and abstract topics.

You will continue to learn to use a broad range of complex grammatical structures and vocabulary to be able to interact in an efficient way in social, academic and professional circumstances in a French speaking country.

You will perfect your skills in order to understand any kind of written or spoken French, therefore enabling you to live as a native in a French speaking country.

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We are all qualified in teaching French as a foreign language. Over the years, we have gained a huge amount of experience, met hundreds of students from around the world, taught all ages, all levels of French and consistently helped students achieve their goals.

Each new class with a student is a unique encounter that we value and remember. We love seeing our students smile as they become aware of the progress they are making.

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