Your French Time

Your French Time

Fully tailored, individualized classes

We will create for you an individualized program based on your needs, interests and abilities. Each course is carefully tailored to offer you an optimal learning experience that will be adapted to your level. We always work according to the CEFR (CECR in French) on all language skills.

Total French immersion

As science shows, learning a language through total immersion is the best way to make fast progress. Every class will be 99% given in French, even for beginners, to guarantee you a truly immersive experience. During your French time, you’ll work on every skill (listening, speaking, writing and reading) to quickly improve your French abilities.

Continual feedback

Making mistakes is all part of the learning process, but you won’t learn if your mistakes are not corrected. That’s why we will give you continual feedback during and after the class. We will help you to know what and how you can improve, always in a comfortable atmosphere.

Entertaining and creative lessons

Dive into joyful lessons and let yourself be carried away by a lively learning experience. Forget grammatical boredom and unleash your linguistic creativity. We aim to step away from the formality of traditional academic learning and explore a more playful alternative. Learning while having fun leads to much more satisfying results!

Much more than traditional learning

Thanks to our podcasts, videos and social media content, you will have access to your your own self-learning tools. We will guide you to create your own French immersion routine outside of the class to optimize your lessons. If you want to, we will give you personalized homework adapted to your level.

Diverse cultural discovery

Together we can explore another side of French culture, France is not just Paris, croissants and Stromae! Also, whether it’s Canada, Switzerland, Belgium or West Africa, we focus on creating an immersive learning experience which gives you the opportunity to discover other French-speaking cultures around the world.