Your French Time

Your French Time

Fully individualized program

Based on your needs and interests

My French Time is here to help you to create your own space to learn French efficiently according to your needs and wishes. Share your project with me! I create complete individualized programs based on your needs and interests. My objective is to help you being autonomous in French according to your needs (work, travels, exam, etc.).

Continual feedbacks and motivation

I’ll give you continual feedback during and outside the class to help you to improve at your rhythm. Because a strong motivation is the key to learn a language, I give constant motivation and help you to focus on your strengths and to know what and how you can improve, always in a comfortable atmosphere. To me, each class is an exchange between the professor and the student. Each student I meet is unique and I do my best to create a wonderful experience so that your French learning will always remain a good memory.

In class methodology

Every class will be 99% held in French, even for beginners, to guarantee you an interactive and immersive lesson. During your French time, you’ll work on every competence (listening, speaking, writing and reading) to quickly develop full complete abilities in French. The lessons are held on Zoom and I create you a virtual space to share the course contents and exercises. I work with different softwares to create interactive classes and give you the best online experience.

Outside class routine

I’ll also guide you to create your own French routine so that you can optimize your private lessons with self-learning aside. According to your schedule, I can give you personalized homework and I’ll give you access to documents adapted to your level if you wish to work more on your listening and reading abilities. I’ll also show you how to work efficiently outside of the class to guarantee the best improvement.

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